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About CTIA


비전-문화로 행복하고 문화산업으로 미래를 선도하는 충남!

How are you?

I am the 8th president of the Chungnam Culture Technology Industry Agency Kim In-Soo.

Chungnam Culture Technology Industry Agency is a public institution, which is in charge of the promotion of cultural industry in the region of Chungcheongnam-do of Korea.

It may be said that the role of the cultural industry becomes important in the center of environment changed by the digital technology, which has been rapidly developed, as well as the appearance of cutting-edge media. Due to such technology and cultural industry, there is a large ripple effect in tangible or intangible form on the manufacturing industry or service industry.

Therefore, this agency is discovering cultural resource in tangible or intangible form within our region through the network of industry, academy, research and government at home and abroad, creating the synergy of such resource through fostering fields of Art & Technology, design, tourism, content, traditional culture and the strategy of convergence with wide range industry.

We, the Chungnam Culture Technology Industry Agency will make an effort to contribute to the happiness of people through communication with creative thinking containing the soul of our officers as well as employees and the recreation of cultural value in the future.